How does InfiniteSync work?

InfiniteSync saves your precious time and money by syncing your product images to Shopify and Google Drive in real-time.
Once you install InfiniteSync into your store and connect your Google Drive. InfiniteSync will create a folder at the root of Google Drive.
Automatic-sync enabled by default. InfiniteSync will automatically sync your product images to Shopify and Google Drive. InfiniteSync monitors changes in the store folder in Google Drive and any changes in the Shopify store.

Monitored changes
  • Image updates, addition, and deletion in both Shopify and Google Drive
  • Product addition and deletion in Shopify
  • Product title changes in both Shopify and Google Drive
Automatic Sync
  • Syncs products when any product changes occur in Shopify
  • For previously synced products, changes in Google Drive will be reflect in Shopify.
  • Deleting a product in Shopify would not delete the product folder in Google Drive. InfiniteSync will rename the folder in Drive to mark it as nolonger tracked anymore.
  • Deleting a folder in Google Drive does not affect Shopify. InfiniteSync will recreate the folder when you update the product in Shopify or perform a full sync.
Full Sync
  • Syncs the entire Shopify store to Google Drive
  • The time it takes to do a full sync for the first time could range from a few minutes to a couple of days, based on how many products are in the store.
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